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Military Messaging for Web & Android

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Built by Isode

Isode Ltd has been supplying secure, robust military messaging server software to the militaries of NATO and Allied nations for over 10 years. Our reputation for solid, innovative products makes us the No.1 choice for military messaging.


Development of Harrier has been supported by

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security label display message composition

Message Composition

Harrier gives quick and easy access to the information needed to compose military emails, including:


Options to fill in "Action" and "Information" message recipients.

Security Label

Presents security labels appropriate to the clearance of sender and recipient(s).

Precedence Level

Support for six level military precedence for Action and Information recipient groups.

Message Scan Listing

Harrier's Inbox shows all of the information a user needs to understand the importance and relevance of messages.

Addressee Information

Clearly indicates if the user is an Action or Information recipient of the message.


Shows the precedence of the message (deferred, routine, priority, immediate, flash, override) for the current user.

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Message Display

Individual messages are displayed in a way that makes comprehension and understanding of required actions straightforward to the military user.


Shows Action & Info recipients, clearly indicating the role of the current user.


Shows message precedence for the current user and other recipients/groups.


Security Label

The Security Label of the message is clearly indicated.

Other Fields

Message Type, Subject Indicator Code and message instruction fields.